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Alberta Government Releases Safety Committee Training (finally)

After releasing new OHS laws last June, of which a major requirement was the establishment of a Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Alberta government has finally begun releasing the official training for Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee members. Some key information:

· The training will be required for committee co-chairs, and recommended for other members

· The training will consist of 2 parts:

o Part 1: an online component through CCOHS

o Part 2: a one day, in-person course available through approved partnership providers

· The most likely provider for Auto Dealers at this point is the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP), they are starting to offer courses this spring/summer

For more information on Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee Training refer to the official government page

or contact Ryan at or 780-216-1785 to answer any questions on establishing, training and working with your safety committee.



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